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ringID – Live TV, Free Video Call & Chat Apk Download

ringID - Live TV, Free Video Call & Chat Apk Download

RingID is an application for all your favorite features in one place!

Download RingID is now a platform for you to experience complete socialization with music and media management, and to broadcast to an exciting platform using your worldwide audience.

Show off your hidden talent by broadcasting live to millions of viewers worldwide. Limit just calling, chat, and browsing through cluttered ads to an irrelevant newsfeed … Use less data and battery on calls and customize the newsfeed to create your own personalized newsfeed.

“Apps that pack a powerful punch in a small mobile package” – Forbes.

Exclusive features

Show live:

RingID is your platform to broadcast live to the world. Host a live video to invite viewers to enjoy and co-host your live broadcast. A great new feature for live broadcast using your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. Showcase your personality and share your story by broadcasting your hobbies, your skills and interesting events. Chat with new people and make live video calls and follow up gain Earn discounted gifts from your audience and claim exciting rewards.


The channel brings all your favorite video content directly to your mobile. Follow your favorite movies, music, and other interests. Find popular channels by category or create your own. Create your own channel and stream content for others to enjoy. Broadcast your content and gain followers anywhere and anywhere.

Voice and video calls:

Enjoy free calls with impeccable voice quality and smooth video resolution over 3G, Wi-Fi or even 2G connections. Feel the warmth of real conversations in the virtual world!

Secret chat:

Send disappearing pictures Set a timer to self-destruct any message, including text, images, audio and video. Chat history is an exciting way to share instant messages that disappear from information!


  • Voice call: Got it!
  • Video call: Yes!
  • Chat: Sure! We even have secret chats.
  • Sticker: Got a lot of it!
  • Newsfeed: Yes!
  • Multimedia Sharing: Oh yes!

Media Cloud:

Can you find the music / video you watched in your newsfeed a week ago? Now you can add music and videos from the newsfeed to your own playlists, and you can download them for offline viewing. A truly effective media management system for all your social media

Message Recovery:

Avoid that embarrassing “oops moment” anytime your message is deleted! Make sure the message is deleted forever, not for viewing.


Select your preferred news provider to bring your favorite daily news to a convenient place. Discover news providers around the World Wide Web and choose the news you want to get a separate feed.

Through your RingID experience you will discover all the exciting new features and many of the benefits it has introduced. RingID is a power pack and easy to use application!

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