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Pink Baby Phone Kids – Number Animal Music 1.5 1.5 (8)Apk Download

Pink Baby Phone Kids - Number Animal Music 1.5 1.5 (8)Apk Download

One of our educational games for kids, animal music games for kids.
“Pink Baby Phone Kids – Numbers Animal Music” is a great gift for kids to learn their English pre-school vocabulary, play fun games for your kids and play animal music as a kids game app.
This Pink Baby Phone Kids – The Number Animal Music Game is designed for both Your Kids and Kids Fun and Education. Pink Baby Phone Kids – Number Animal Music Free educational games for kids ages 1-5.
These Pink Baby Phone Kids – Number Animal Music will teach your child about wild and domestic animal sounds or animal music as well as how to make calls from a simple phone.

“Pink Baby Phone Kids – Numbers Animal Music” is an educational game for our kindergarteners that entertains kids and helps them learn numbers, musical notes, animals and baby sounds for baby Baby fine motor skills training and various mental activities such as memory, Logic and attentiveness will develop live kids with a lively and colorful interface Our toys are suitable for children 1 year of flip up the phone.

These Baby Phone Kids Benefits – Animal Music for Your Baby, Toddler, Kids Education:
We’ve integrated 3 educational lessons:

  • Number: For preschoolers need to learn pink numbers. Kids like to play phones for kids especially press the pink button on a toy phone. All in all, our kid’s phone game for kids is an interactive kid toy phone that kids can press brightly colored pink buttons with numbers for kids and learn pink numbers for kids from 0 to 9.
  • Animal sounds teaches toys for kids to play: horses, frogs, chickens, goats, dogs, cats, owls, ducks, chickens and cricket ুর Our baby’s phone is pretending to make baby phone calls from animals. Free apps for these actual phone calls for kids make animal sounds for kids. Kids will hear children playing toy phones A parrot is screaming, pigs are sniffing, tigers are grown, a cow is slaughtered, a dog is snooping, a snake is killed, a cat is munched, a mouse is crushed, a duck crab, a rooster and other animals. Creates voices for young children.
  • Your kids can also play pink music notes (do, re, me, fa, sol, la, c) and learn famous nursery music like: Twinkle Twinkle, Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday To You, …

Baby Phone Kids is a fun games mobile for Android, an educational game for kids ages 1-5, both entertaining and educational. Boys and girls will be able to learn numbers with proper pronunciation and have fun with different words. Call cute animals and talk to them in a very simple interactive way.

Fun words for kids will keep your kids entertained as they develop their appreciation and attention.

We make it as easy as possible to introduce your baby to the world of baby care.
We create educational toddler games to give your kids the chance to learn, grow and be what they want!

You can download kids games and play pink phones for kids for free.
Our kids telephone games can be recommended as educational games for kids kindergarten, toddler kids:

  • Educational games for 1 year old;
  • Learn games for 2 year olds (Toddler games for kids free for 2 years);
  • Educational games for 3 year olds (learn games for 3 year olds);
  • Educational games for 4 year olds (Educational games for kids toddlers 3 4 years);
  • Educational games for kids 5 years old.

Download the great game “Pink Baby Phone Kids – Number Animal Music” for your child right now

Fun game for kids, thank you so much for playing Kids Game for free. We love to create educational and fun games for kids.
If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send us your feedback or leave your comments.

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What’s new
v 1.5.8
Add harp, drum, rock flock, guitar to children’s musical instruments
Collect fruits

Balloon Tap
Draw letters
Th M

oth Num

Additional Information
Version1.5 (8)
Size44 MB
Installs500 K+

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