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Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker – MyTherapy Apk Download

Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker - MyTherapy Apk Download

My Therapy is an ad-free, rewarding pill reminder and medication tracker. However, my therapy is more than a free medication reminder: combining a pill tracker, a mood tracker and a health journal, e.g. With a weight tracker, this drug’s reminder application allows you and your doctor to track the success of your treatment. πŸ’ŠπŸ”” πŸ’ŠπŸ””

  • Key Features
    Pill reminder application for all medicines
    Pill tracker with logbook for ipped skipped and confirmed intakes
    Support for a wide range of dosing schemes within Medication Medication Reminder
    Comprehensive your health tablet, dosage, measurement, activity as a comprehensive health journal β€’
    β€’ Family sharing
    Print Share your printable health journal with your doctor
    Conditions A wide range of sizes for all conditions (diabetes, rheumatoid, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis) such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels

Pre-Compression Meds Reminder
We’ve created a medication reminder app that puts all your medication needs in one place: a pill reminder (such as birth control pills), an extensive database of OTC and RX medicines, support for any dosage form (tablets, pills, inhalation, …) Frequency, and even reminder to replenish. The app is not only a big alarm, but also a medication tracker, so you need to check its large diary to make sure you take this important dose.

Health Tracker for your needs
My therapy is the result of working closely with people who eat our medicines. People with diabetes use a built-in weight tracker and track glucose in their blood. Also, they use it as a reminder of insulin’s logbook and medication for metformin. The built-in mood tracker helps you monitor your mental health or depression. Review your health using blood pressure logs, your mood diary or other aspects of your health journal. My therapy may be a separate application to many, some use it as a depression app, others refer to it as a stroke app, cancer application or weight tracker.

Mood is a tracker for mood, weight, blood pressure and more
Not only can you log your meds, but you can also track general wellness in your mood and mood mood in the app. Record measurements eg blood pressure and weight. If you live with diabetes and are on insulin, you can use My Therapy as a diabetes logbook and track glucose in the blood. Overall, My Therapy supports ~ 50 measurements. Symptom Tracker is popular with users living with multiple sclerosis, arthritis or arthritis or cardiovascular diseases such as atrial fibrillation.

Your promotion of taking your meds
Get a beautiful picture of the day as inspiration for your medication intake. Involve family and friends with the My Therapy team and successfully manage it together. You can even see your family to see if you missed a med despite the pill reminder, so they can help keep you on track.
My Therapy For you, whether you are eating antibiotic drugs or hypertension, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety or depression that is often complicated no my therapy is a medicine tracker and health journal. Get peace of mind from Medicine Reminders and Health Trackers.

My Therapy is available for free and no registration is required! We comply with strict German privacy laws and do not disclose personal data to third parties.

It is the collaborative efforts of users, their families and medical experts that make our Pill Tracker App so easy. Check out our Academic Research Partners on our homepage

We are always aiming to improve the My Therapy app to best meet your meds tracker needs and desires. Your ideas, suggestions and feedback – support our application directly or via [email protected]

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