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Pathadisha Download for mobile

Pathadisha Download for mobile

This application will allow olitan passengers to view all incoming or departing buses for a specified stop or current location through this application for travelers from Kolkata Metropolitan Region.

Travelers will also be able to see all buses that operate on a particular route on the map in real time, with the expected arrival time (ETA).

For bus / tram / ferry-boat crowds, the textbook uses crowded data to verify and analyze with other relevant data and place vehicles accordingly.

With this app, travelers will know the following:

To know the ETA of all stops on a particular bus, you need to select a bus on the map. The Info panel will appear at the bottom of the screen with three buttons root buses, ETAs and sharing. Pressing the ETA button will show you the ETA of the bus picked up on a line. Or long-press on the bus icon on the map to show you the bus ETA on a line. Tap the map icon on the ETA screen to get the ETA on the route map.

To know the ETA of all incoming buses at the specified stopage, you have to select the stopage from the Stopz search menu. Then press the bus info button. The app will show you bus information with ETA on the tabular display.

Trip Plans:
Anyone traveling from one place to another can search the bus or bus combination. Along with this one can know how long the journey takes, the distance between these two places and the fare.

Share Tracking:
Once you select a bus on the map, the Info panel appears at the bottom of the screen with the three-button route buses, ETAs and shares. Pressing the SHARE button lets you share the selected bus tracking link via SMS or email or WhatsApp.

Crowdness (Crowdsourced):
Passengers can give input on the bus / tram / ferry crowd based on their experience, their presence, their immediate experience. The system validates, analyzes, and places crowds beyond all collected inputs.
The color of the bus icon will indicate the bus congestion according to the color code below:
Red: crowded – all seats are very difficult to occupy and stand on.

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