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Loops Apk Download

Loops Apk Download

Loops are a great platform for live streaming your life moments, showcasing your talents and interacting with your fans.

A few hundred top celebrities, social media influencers and entertainment stars occasionally go live to update their status and talk to their loyal fans.

In the loops, we have many unique functions:

  • Live Games: You will be able to play interesting games together with your audience while you are streaming live.
  • Multiple Guest Video: To co-host your live stream you will be able to experience the most interesting multi-guest video function with other users.
  • Unique Gifts: Stunning animated gifts can be sent to broadcasters to express your love
  • Earn Diamonds: Get the freedom to live anytime anytime to attract more fans and earn valuable diamonds while accepting gifts.
  • Cash Out: Diamond cash can be refunded whenever you want with a few clicks
  • Upcoming Live: Super stars and top influencers are already able to create a broadcast schedule, subscribe to get notifications!
  • Explore: You will be able to explore the top live streaming on top broadcasters and new pages
  • Leaderboard: Reveal the possibility of being listed on the Power Ranking Leaderboard to be more open and attract more fans.

Stay tuned for more interesting new features and top influencers to show in the loops.


Thanks for using the loops and enjoying looping!

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