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Life Of Deer 1.0 (1) Apk Download

Life Of Deer 1.0 (1) Apk Download

I had a beautiful baby. Dear mother, I will sacrifice my life to protect you.
An animal adventure game that follows baby deer growth and adventure in a beautiful wild.

A deer was born to a deer father and deer father to the world’s most beautiful mother. He spends peaceful and joyful days playing with wild animals of the wild nature. However, happiness did not last long. When the baby deer was in danger of being killed by the wild hunter, he was able to survive just to help the father deer…

A real game that is blown up in a beautiful background that represents the views of the wild
. An adventure game in which you complete various missions by following the deer’s eyes
▶ A fairytale story game showing the growth, pain and love of young deer
Healing is a healing game that softens one’s mind through a soft and cool story and a beautiful background to the nature of the game.

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Once deleted, you will not be able to recover the game

Additional Information

Version1.0 (1)
Size110 MB
Installs100 K+

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