How to Increase Battery Life of Your Android Phone

How to Increase Battery Life of Your Android Phone

Let’s admit it. We are all addicted to our smartphones and can’t even think about life. With continuous use, we can very easily run our batteries all day long. Official battery replacements are a lot of effort, expensive, and not very easy to do. Getting extra battery is not very eco-friendly. That’s why these ideas will work for you to extend the life of your battery.

Avoid temperature restrictions: If you allow your phone to get too hot or cold, its battery may lose it for a lifetime. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to keep it locked in your car, especially when it is frozen or boiling outside.

Do not charge fast: As a great feature of this, putting your phone ion in fast charge mode will put a strain on the battery. Only use this option when you really need it. A good way to charge your phone is to do it overnight. This will limit the voltage charged to your laptop or through smart plugs, charging slowly. Remember – the slower the better.

Auto screen off: Change your setting so that it automatically shuts off after some time, usually within a minute. This feature is called auto-lock on iPhones and its default time is 2 minutes. There are also Android and iPhone apps available that can help you cope with screen timeouts.

Brightness of the lower screen: The smartphone screen uses the most battery. Lowering it will save a lot of energy. You can also use the Auto Brightness feature, where the brightness will automatically decrease based on the available light. If you can work your phone down to the minimum brightness, you’ll save a lot of charge.

Dark themes: OLEDs or AMOLED screens do not display dark pixels. Instead, it simply doesn’t switch them. This saves a lot of battery life because the screen area is black which will not use any charge. Keep in mind that this will only work with OLED screened phones. For all iPhone models before the iPhone X, this hack won’t help.

Energy saving mode: Launching your phone’s low power or energy saving model will help save on charges. Limiting CPU usage gives your battery a better life. The drawback with this is the fact that you have to deal with low performance.

50% Charge Hack: Many have mentioned that the best charge level for lithium ion batteries is about 50%. If you plan to save the charge for a long time, your best bet is to charge your phone at 50% and then switch it off. This will work better than fully 100% charging.

Apps that drain the battery: Facebook is a great example of this. If you absolutely cannot leave Facebook, restrict specific permissions, such as video autoplay, notifications, location access, etc. Video autoplay can use a lot of data and power. Some applications have a light version as well. They consume less data and power and take up even less space

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