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FINAL BLADE Apk Download

FINAL BLADE Apk Download

■ Recommended Device Specs ■

  • Galaxy S
  • AOS 5.0 +
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz or higher
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • Memory: 3GB

Most of all, oriental fantasy RPG. Enjoy the stunning gameplay with over 300 heroes to collect.
Enjoy a bunch of different game features and special events! “
“■ High quality RPG visual graphics and design

  • RPG striking with striking graphics and effects.
  • Meet lots of unique, classic, oriental heroes.
  • Enjoy your adventure in the RPG oriental, fantasy world.
  • Over 300 stunning classic heroes for collecting trees.

Every RPG meets the wishes of the gamer

  • Unlimited mode is provided in Adventure mode which can be used for plants.
  • Free daily tree for the player to collect heroes.
  • Collect Final Blade Points to get more heroes. No need to rely on trees!
  • Stop blasting RPGs with lots of fun and challenging events you can’t miss.
  • Call all 10 times in Gacha and you’ll get an exclusive 6 ★ Heroic Guaranteed!

■ Hero Collection and RPG strategic gameplay

  • RPG game with over 300 unique and rich heroes.
  • Maximize your heroes through enhancements, upgrades, and adventures.
  • Design your own RPG battle strategy.
  • Isn’t it enough on the tree? Collect a 6 ★ Hero Bottle Piece to summon the Hero!

RP Different RPG features

  • Dual: Global players facing real-time conflicts.
  • Group: Draw a war with the clan mates between the clan and the raid boss.
  • World Raid: Engaged with players around the world to dominate the world boss.
  • Territorial Warfare: An all-out battle between ns groups to conquer 3 castles
  • Endless Tower: Prove the strength of your heroes in the Endless Tower.
  • Destination: Collect heroes to discover their hidden stories.
  • Dohoa Gate: A twist from tower style to tower defense.
  • Training: Train heroes to get more XP.

New user event

  • 7 days Login: Free 6 ★ Get Hero, Sapphire and Hero front tickets.
  • Game time: Stay online for a certain amount of time to get free rice, gold, sweep tickets and sapphires.
  • Clearing Chapter: Finish the chapters in Adventure mode to earn 2,000 sapphires.
  • Hero’s Journey: Hero Summon complete missions to get tickets, sapphires and gold.
  • Collecting Star: Sapphire and 5 ★ Collect the stars in Adventure mode to get the Hero Bottle.
  • Play more to get more rewards every day!

Ial Government Community ■
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The plug

[Request permission]

For a smooth “Final Blade” experience, we would like to request the following permissions.

  • Access to photos, media and files.
    : Permission to save and open files.
    : Permission to record and edit photos / videos while playing the game
Access to contacts
: Permiston to access Play Services (Achievements and Leaderboards) through Google Play

  • Voice recording
    : Screen recording allowed by Never Cafe

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