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BIGO LIVE Lite – Live Stream Apk Download

BIGO LIVE Lite – Live Stream Apk Download

Big Live Light is a pocket sized version of Big Live. It’s smaller in size but all your favorite features are still available, so you can enjoy a lag-free live video streaming experience.

Installs faster, loads faster, and consumes less data and controls battery drain.

[Big Live Light Highlights]
  • Small APL size (6MB): Smaller, faster downloads and less storage usage.
  • Low storage and battery consumption: Designed for low end mobile device users.
  • Data Saving: Only required video streaming will be loaded and mobile data will be saved.
[Main feature]
Watch the free live show

  • From live pop music and hot dance shows to the simple everyday life of the big bogo live light shows you endless live video.
  • You can easily filter streams directly by country. More than a hundred talented broadcasters from different countries gathered at BIGO LIVE.

Live PK
The most exciting live stream of LivePK is the live broadcast competition not only with the broadcasters but also with the live audience. Come and enjoy a fun PK.

Virtual gifts

  • There are a variety of virtual gifts including roses, rings, angels, super cars, luxury cruises, dream castles and more.
  • You can buy some gifts to help your loved ones get their attention while streaming live. Also, you can level up quickly by sending virtual gifts.

If you would like to go live on your own, video chat or voice chat with others, play Bigo mini games etc in Bago, please download and install the full version of Bigo Live:

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Official Website:
Facebook: @BigLiveLiveUp
Twitter: @bigolivewap
Instagram: @bigolivip
Your feedback helps us improve our big live. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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